Meet Your Wellness Coach

One thing that I know for sure is that when you FEEL your best you LIVE your best. For over 20 years, it has been my mission to help my clients make fitness and health an indispensable and sustainable part of their lifestyle. Each of us is driven by different motivators and face unique obstacles. I have worked with the US Navy, various police and fire departments, bikini and fitness competitors, housewives and husbands, professional men and woman, children, Grandparents, accomplished athletes, and bodybuilders. Helping each to tap into their athletic fitness potential and improve their life. I focus on functional total body movements that compliment my client’s lifestyle to achieve and maintain overall health and wellness, fitness goals, physical appeal, and confidence! I also believe in helping my clients find their rhythm with balanced whole foods nutrition customized to the individual. Food has such an impact on mood, outlook, energy, and productivity. Exercise is only half of the equation. I have trained in home, in corporate settings, fitness facilities, both in individual and group settings.

Jennifer Zuba

  • NASM – SAQ Speed Agility and Quickness Specialist
  • NASM – PES Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • NASM – CPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • Institute of Human Performance – Functional Training Specialist
  • NASM – FNS Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Plyo Power ® X-Factor Athlete
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Nutritional Study -UNH


My personal fitness background includes national level fitness competition, including titles of Ms Fitness Miami and New England, 20 years of dance study, marathons, Reach the Beach Relays, and Tough Mudder races. I have been published in 5 Oxygen Fitness Magazine editions, Bump to Baby Magazine, and The Hampton Beach Guide, and featured as the guest trainer at the Whole Foods Store Vega convention.

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