Be you!

Trying to embrace and adhere to what a magazine or even a well-intended friend suggests as a fitness and wellness program is like trying to walk comfortably in someone else’s shoes. Fitness balance is not one size fits all. We all have a physical set of cards we are dealt, along with a unique temperament, emotionality, and fitness history. You can find many cookie cutter approaches to improving your fitness and wellness, but if it is not sustainable for you as a UNIQUE individual you will not maintain. Instead of quick fixes or temporary improvement I strive to get my clients to find their own rhythm in holistic wellness that they can live with forever.

Focus on behaviors not outcome

Commit to a process not a goal. It can be an incredibly overwhelming burden to set a fitness or wellness goal. Instead make your focus the everyday system of behavioral changes. I can help you develop and implement a daily systemic approach that over-time will lead to a dramatic physical and emotional change. You have to enjoy the moment you are in. You have to be happy along the way. Our energy is contagious…committing to improving your wellness and fitness will also have an impressive effect on other important areas of your life: professional, relationships, and spirituality. When we feel our best we are more confidant, outgoing, and vital!

Start with Small Changes

With fitness and wellness my whole philosophy starts with building from a strong foundation. Starting with mastering the basics and progressing from there helps us meet our potential and be our best. Small changes are manageable and keep us from being overwhelmed. Stack one small change after another. The results will be amazing and along the way you will have established new manageable and sustainable habits.